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IR X-Ray Vision Gelatin Filters

- Size: 65 X 65 mm (Custom size & shape filters are also available at over 100pcs. For pricing, please contact us.)

- Thickness: 0.2 mm

- Special IR X-Ray Vision Compositions

- Various 50% Cut-On Wavelength Values

- $99

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Features & Specifications

IR X-Ray Vision Gelatin Filters can be used for mobile phones or digital/video cameras which lens does not have a filter thread to screw the PF1, 2, 3, 4 glass filters. It's so simple to use the gelatin filters. You can cut the gelatin filter with any size and shape and attach it directly on the camera's lens using a scotch tape. Gelatin filter's X-Ray performance is the same as the PF1, 2, 3, 4 glass filters.

Model 50% Cut-On Wavelength Comparison with Kodak Wratten Gelatin Filters
PFX-700 700nm -
PFX-720 720nm -
PFX-740 740nm -
PFX-760 760nm 88A
PFX-780 780nm 87
PFX-800 800nm -
PFX-820 820nm -
PFX-840 840nm -
PFX-860 860nm -
PFX-880 880nm -
PFX-900 900nm -
PFX-920 920nm -
PFX-940 940nm 87B
PFX-960 960nm -