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IR Cut Filters

- Diameter Available: 27, 30, 30.5, 37, 43, 46,
49, 52mm

- Both Female & Male Threads

- Float Glass Materials

- Transmittance(Average) = 90% at 420nm-610nm, Transmittance < 5% at 670nm-1000nm

- For pricing, please contact us.


The KAYA ICF1 is an Infrared Cut Filter. It is of the highest optical quality and attaches externally, performing the exact opposite function to the PF. I.e.. it prevents NIR from passing through, but allows visible light to pass.

It can be used either to block NIR escaping from a light source (such as a flash unit, to take "Fluoresced See-Through" images) or in front of a camera lens (to prevent NIR affecting the color tones in an image when the camera's own internal IR Cut Filter has been removed).